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Aventus Group is innovative and successful payday lender holding the leading position in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Georgia markets. Our aim is to make a difference every day in everyday life by offering fast, easy, understood and personal financial solutions.

How we work

Responsibly -  Aventus Group operates in different geographic markets, therefore  responsible lending is a particular focal point thereof. Not only by following the guidelines and the legal acts of the local regulators but by proactively introducing and implementing the principles of responsible lending we pay greater attention to our customers’ needs. Our aim is also to educate our clients and help them to weather out financial difficulties, should they run into some.

Efficiently – We have smoothly functioning business procedures in place. We run a highly productive business, reaping continuous competitive advantage thanks to superb skills and expertise of our highly motivated and performance oriented staff.

Profitably  -  Employing maximized efficiency of business operations, high productive capacity of our human capital, clear and efficient cost controls, combined with continuous modernization and development of our technological base ensures persistent profitability and allows the expansion of operations on a global scale to be planned and developed strategically.

Our business hubs

Aventus group was founded in 2009 in Lithuania by local venture capital and despite strong competition, managed to geographically expand into 4 other regional markets – Czech RepublicPoland, Latvia and Georgia. While having gained strong market presence in these countries in rather short timethe decision was made to run strategic management and development of the group from the head office in the originating country.

Business stats

In January 2015 a new business strategy was put in place to accelerate growth. Especially we expanded into Poland, with a population of over 38 million and a strong demand for credit and services like the ones we provide. Indeed Poland is one of our largest markets.

& Future

Expand the Group's footprint – grow in existing markets and enter new markets.

Improve customer engagement – enhance customer acquisition and their experience to improve retention and profitability.

Develop sales culture – develop a stronger sales mindset and invest in the recruitment and development of people with the skill set to meet our growth plan.

Follow innovations path - continuous investments into IT solutions and infrastructure to support growth, meet the future customers needs and help employees with efficient tasks execution.

Company timeline

For investors

Long story short. We are fast growing company engaged in provision of consumer credits holding the strong position in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Georgia markets. Our operations lasts for 6 years and business entities grow continuously. Starting from January 2015 we are growing almost 60%. Our aim is to increase our market share and launch new products in existing markets and enter new ones (Spain and other). Therefore we are looking for the investor. We are ready to propose various partnership schemes - from selling part of shares, taking a loan on a conditions acceptable for a lender, opening new markets for the investor (using our expertise and team of A class professionals) and other partnership options. Let us win together!